Mold Growth Can Be Prevented!

Most mold growth issues can be prevented if caught in time and if it is dried out

Many of the mold growth issues we see on a daily basis could have been prevented.
Many inspections that we perform are a result of poor maintenance or improper drying

Mold growth needs a cellulose material to grow. It needs mold spores to begin the mold
growth process and it needs moisture to fuel the process. Now all you need is time and
mold growth begins.

Let’s back up a little.

You’ve heard the expression mold is everywhere or every home has mold. To some
degree this is true. Mold spores are all around us. They exist naturally outdoors and
are part of the our natural ecosystem. For this reason mold spores are also found
indoors. However, the mold spore species and concentration indoor and outdoors are
usually at low levels. This should summarize the mold spore issue.

Now we need a food source. Cellulose building materials will support mold growth if
they are wet! Since, most of our homes are wood frame construction with drywall
finishes, there is plenty of cellulose food source in an average building. This should
cover the food source issue.

Next we need a moisture issue or water event. High humidity, condensation, plumbing
leaks, overflows or floods now lead to water damage or an increase in moisture activity.
This now takes care of the moisture component.

The final piece of the puzzle is Time. If the indoor environment, that has mold spores
naturally, received moisture on cellulose building materials which are all around use for
a long enough time frame…we have mold growth.

Usually, if building materials or contents sustain moisture issues for more than 4-6 days,
mold damage begins. Technically, mold growth can begin within 1-2 days of the onset
of a water event. After approximately 1 week mold growth can be visible to the naked
eye and airborne mold spores could increase….leading to more mold.

The rule of thumb is to get to the moisture issue quickly.

  1. Do regular inspections of your home. Basement, all windows, inside closets and the
  2. If you do have condensation or elevated humidity. Bring it down to a level that stops
    the condensation. Usually in winter this is in the high 30%RH range.
  3. If you experience a leak, flood or any other plumbing malfunction…dry it out properly
    and fully right away. In some cases you may need to call a professionally drying
    company to avoid having to call a mold remediation contractor down the road.
  4. If you do see mold or suspect mold…don’t touch it!

Call us! We can help you identify the source and severity of your mold growth issue
and provide you with concrete steps and solutions to deal with your mold issue properly
and safely. Many mold cases we see have been made worse due to homeowners
trying to clean thing up themselves.

We will inspect you home or office professionally and properly. We will use the latest
inspection tools and procedures to figure out where the mold is hiding. We only use the
best laboratories in the US and Canada to determine what you may be breathing in.
We were the first in Canada to use a Certified Mold Detection Dog and we are still one
very few consulting companies that have this amazing tool at our disposal.

Call us and we can help you figure out you mold growth issue and provide you with
peace of mind. Don’t take any chances with mold growth…you could make things

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