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Mould Inspection Toronto

No one likes mold. Mould is unattractive to your family and can cause several potential health problems such as allergic reactions as well as eye and nose irritation. If you are interested in protecting your family’s health, you should definitively…

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Toronto Flood

Information on what to do? If you are one of several thousand homes that received flood damage in their basement from the massive rain storm on July 8, 2013, then you need to know the following: First, let us say…

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Meet Quincy, the four-legged mould detector

Canada's first mould-detecting dog is saving building owners from a fog of plast Oct. 25, 2003. 01:00 AM CAMILLE ROYSTAFF REPORTER er dust. "Before, we would have had to put a whole room under containment and then physically open up…

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