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Haverkate & Associates is leading the way in indoor environmental testing and consulting

Haverkate & Associates Inc. is an indoor environmental testing company that specializes in air quality assessment and forensic mould investigation.  Frank Haverkate, founder and President, has trained extensively in Europe, Canada and the United States, having amassed over 13 years of experience in the field.  His focus and specialty is in mould assessment of residential homes, commercial office buildings, and industrial facilities.

In Canada, industry leaders like Mr. Haverkate (who also founded MOULD DOG) ensure high industry standards for both companies and technical consultants.  Heis a Certified Building Biology Environmental Inspector, a Certified Microbial Investigator and Consultant, and is accredited by the American Indoor Air Quality Council.  As well, he is a Certified Mould Remediation Supervisor, a Certified Mould Remediator, and a Certified Industrial Hygiene Manager.  Mr. Haverkate was also a founding Director of the Indoor Air Quality Association, and served as Toronto Chapter Director from 2005 to 2009.  Haverkate & Associates is an approved Certification Course provider, and a recognized Training Facility for the American Council for Accredited Certification.

At Haverkate & Associates, trained teams are in engaged in the inspection, assessment and remediation of a wide range of facilities including water-damaged buildings; marijuana grow-houses; and clandestine drug labs.  These kinds of assessments require a high level of expertise in indoor environmental pollution, but also in the field of biohazard evaluation.  The company is also involved in developing and instituting mandatory environmental assessment protocols advocated by various municipalities (specifically for marijuana grow-operations).

In Canada, Mr. Haverkate was first to pioneer the use of mould detection dogs, becoming a
Certified K-9 Handler himself, and introducing the nation’s first Certified Mould Detection Dog.  Similar in training to traditional bomb or drug detection dogs, the mould detection canine is a significant contribution to any air quality investigator.

The scope of services offered by Haverkate & Associates is extensive:  generic indoor air quality testing; indoor mould assessment; custom environmental appraisals; illness investigations (like sick-building syndrome); marijuana grow house analyses; pre-purchase residential inspections; and forensic litigation consulting.  Assessments are expedited in private, residential homes, small and large office building, and larger, more complex industrial facilities.

Our team performs investigations based on the latest international standards, using the latest in high tech instrumentation and tools.  We also make use of our own innovations, including thermal imaging techniques and, of course, our Certified Mould Detection Dog.  Our aim in any investigation is to methodically determine the status, hazard and source of a pollution issue, and make recommendations on possible solutions.

Haverkate & Associates has been featured widely in the news media across Canada.  This is especially noteworthy when reliable, expert opinion is required.

Toronto One – City TV – Global News – CTV – Toronto Star

Toronto Sun – The Globe & Mail – Discovery Channel

Frank H. Haverkate BA, BBEI, CMC, CMRS, CIHM

Director Mould and Biohazard Assessment

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